A.T. and Addie Odom Homestead – Preservation and Rehabilitation Project

In 2012, the A.T. and Addie Odom Homestead was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

“As recognized leaders within the Shankleville Community, A.T. and Addie Odom served in numerous ways that improved community and individual life. By example and discussion with individuals asking for guidance, the couple inspired neighbors to leadership, supported education for community children, and shared their skills, knowledge, dedication and the fruits of their labor with others. In these ways, they fostered pride in the community’s shared African-American heritage and supported their neighbors in attaining individual goals. Addie and A.T. Odom stepped out of the typical rural experience of African Americans in East Texas during the Jim Crow era, serving as examples of success through dedication to goals and values, and inspiring and assisting others in leadership roles in community institutions and activities.”

— National Register Listing documentation

Thanks to individual contributions and grants from the Texas Historical Commission – Texas Preservation Trust Fund and the Summerlee Foundation, work is currently underway to restore the main house and four outbuildings on the homestead to their 1945 appearance.  The buildings on the homestead were originally built by A.T. Odom with help from Shankleville residents.  Most of the restoration/rehabilitation work is being completed by his grandson, Harold A. Odom, Jr., with help from a host of other descendants of A.T. and Addie Odom.

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