Shankleville in the Media

Juneteenth – Creating Legacy in Contested Places– Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture – June 19, 2020

Texas Purple Hull Pea Festival in Shankleville Honors the Beloved Legume – June 2020

The Texas Purple Hull Pea Festival in Shankleville Honors the Beloved Legume, March 2020, Texas Highways.

My Hometown: The Epic Love Story Behind one of Texas’ First Freedom Colonies, January 2020, Texas Highways.

Authentic Texas Magazine (Scroll to page 76) – Summer 2019

Texas Freedom Colonies Project helps map state’s past and future, July 2018, Jacksonville Progress.

Texas Purple Hull Pea Festival in the news! June 2018

Freedmen’s Settlements, July 2017, Texas State Historical Association.

Documenting and Preserving Texas Freedom Colonies: A descendant of African-American settlers takes on the task of locating these often-forgotten places, from June 2017, Texas Heritage.

Confronting Urban Design’s Diversity Crisis with a Return to Black Places, April 2017 edition of Next City.

The Epic Love Story Behind This Family’s Famous Tea Cake Recipe, September 2016, Country Living.

A Love Supreme, from the February 2015, Sam Houston edition of Texas Co-Op Power.

Seed Stories, from the Summer 2014 Edition of Edible Dallas and Fort Worth.

The Community That Love Built: Shankleville, from the February, 2014 edition of Texas Co-Op Power.

Mom, daughter first blacks in Daughters of Republic of Texas, August 2011, CHRON.

Clay History and Education Services, Inc. YouTube Channel

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