Our History

The Shankleville Historical Society, Inc. was founded at an organizational meeting held at Mount Hope Baptist Church in Shankleville, Texas on June 18, 1988. Shankleville residents and descendants in attendance included:

  • Lareatha H. Clay
  • Larutha Odom Clay*
  • Hattie Pearl Halbert (Bryant)*
  • Elzie Odom, Sr.
  • Harold Odom, Jr.
  • Elbert Peacock*
  • Theresa Peacock
  • Willie Pate Shankle*
  • Anderson White, Jr.*
  • Geraldine White (Rowe)
  • O. C. White*

*Denotes deceased founders

Attendees discussed the basic tenets of the Historical Society which served as the basis for the organization’s current Mission Statement.

Our Mission

  • To preserve the heritage of the Shankleville Community in Newton County, Texas through oral histories and educational programs;
  • To document the history of the Shankleville Community via systematic research and recording methods;
  • To propagate the legacies of the Shankleville Community and all Texas Freedmen’s Communities by sponsoring a variety of programs.

The Society operated as a sub-committee of the Shankleville Community Homecoming until 2002, when it was incorporated as a separate nonprofit, 501(c)(3) entity.

Board Members

  • Billy White – President
  • Tracey K. Clay – Vice-President
  • Geri White-Rowe – Secretary
  • Mathia L. Clay – Treasurer
  • Debra Simon White – Co-Treasurer
  • Bonetha Christopher
  • Lareatha H. Clay – Business Manager
  • Syreeta Greene
  • Anthony Peacock
  • Phillip White

Donors and Grantmakers

The Shankleville Historical Society appreciates all the individuals and organizations that support our historic preservation efforts, educational programs and the Texas Purple Hull Pea Festival. A very special “Thank You” to the following donors and grantmakers!