Almada Odom Holmes

Almada Odom Holmes was the oldest daughter of Jimmie Odom and Roxie Brooks Odom. By the time she was fifteen years old, she and her brother, Alvah (A.T.) found themselves taking on the responsibility of raising their younger brothers and sisters, due to the early deaths of their parents. Almada married Jim Holmes, and spent most of her adult life in the Shankleville and Magnolia Springs communities.

My memory – “Aunt Tee” (as we used to call her) lived with us briefly in Beaumont, and there were two things that I remember best about her. First of all, she looked almost exactly like Bigpapa (my grandfather, A.T. Odom). I was pretty young, but I remember being fascinated that two people could look so much alike. Second, and this probably has a lot to do with my age at the time, I remember that she made us take castor oil. “Yuk” on the castor oil, but fond overall memories of her.

–Lareatha H. Clay

My memory – Almada was my grandmother. I remember Big Mama making her tea-cakes. Sitting on the porch in the swing and Papa Jim sitting in his chair with his pipe. I can’t remember Big Mama ever chastising me, but she had a stare that would curl milk and that was all she had to do to me. The first week of August when all the uncles and aunts would get together for homecomings in Shankleville a good time was had by all. We didn’t have much but was thankful for what we had. Yes God is good and has bought us all a mighty long way.

–Willie Booker