We are honored with the number of spaces and places that have included the history and legacy of the Shankleville community. Documenting our history is an important aspect of historic preservation. We encourage visitors to explore the following list.

Journal Articles

Roberts, A. R. (2018). Performance as place preservation: The role of storytelling in the formation of Shankleville Community’s Black counterpublics, Journal of Community Archaeology & Heritage, 5:3, 146-165, DOI: 10.1080/20518196.2018.1480002

Roberts, A. R. (2019). “Until the Lord Come Get Me, It Burn Down, Or the Next Storm Blow It Away”: The Aesthetics of Freedom in African American Vernacular Homestead Preservation. Buildings & Landscapes: Journal of the Vernacular Architecture Forum, 26 (2), 73-97.

Roberts, A. R. (2020). Count the Outside Children! Kinkeeping as preservation practice among descendants of Texas Freedom Colonies. Forum Journal, 32 (4), 64-74.

Roberts, A. & Biazar, M.J. (2019). Black Placemaking in Texas Sonic: Sonic and social histories of Newton and Jasper County Freedom Colonies. Current Research in Digital History, 2.

Archives, Collections & Research

Center for Regional Heritage Research at Stephen F. Austin University

Texas Freedom Colony Project.

Texas Historical Commission Atlas – Search “Shankle” and “Odom” for information on State Historical Markers, Historical Cemeteries, and National Register Listings in the Shankleville community.

UTA Libraries – University of Texas – Arlington – Elzie and Ruby Odom Papers

Benson Latin American Collection – University of Texas – Austin – Shankleville Community Oral History Collection

Briscoe Center for American History – University of Texas – Austin – Foodways Texas Oral History Collection