Homecoming began in 1941 in response to families moving to Beaumont and Houston, as well as migrating to California during the Great Migration, for greater economic opportunities. It was imperative to the originators of Homecoming to maintain familial ties, cultural traditions, and a sense of community. We invite Shankleville descendants near and far to return home annually to remember our ancestors while supporting our future with the awarding of scholarships to descendants of Shankleville. Homecoming is held annually on the first Sunday in August.

Video produced by the Texas Historical Commission

Due to concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Shankleville Homecoming was cancelled. There are presently no updates for the 2021 Shankleville Homecoming. Stay connected.

BUT . . . your help is still needed!

Donations for CEMETERY UPKEEP may be sent:

  • Electronically via PayPal – paypal.me/Shankleville
  • Via USPS – Shankleville Homecoming; c/o Phillip white; 1205 FM 1415 S; Wiergate, TX 75977
  • Be sure to notate “CEMETERY UPKEEP” on your check or on the PayPal form.

Donations for the SHANKLEVILLE MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP may be sent:

  • Electronically via PayPal – http://paypal.me/Shankleville
  • Via USPS – Shankleville Scholarship; c/o Lareatha Clay; 1411 Pecos St.; Dallas, TX 75204
  • Be sure to notate “SCHOLARSHIP” on your check or on the PayPal form.